Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Your Lipstick and Your Personality

It's amazing how the smallest things that we do can give others an inkling on the type of person we are. For example, the tip of your lipstick. Did you know your lipstick's tip preference can shed some light on your personality type.

Picture by: Olive Coco Magazine via Toia on Pinterest

I never really give much thought about the tip of my lipstick preference and the indication it may give as to what kind of person I am. One thing I know for sure I am not the flat-tip kind of girl. I am, however, a rounded and smooth tip kind. And from reading the lipstick personality chart, I concur with its diagnosis (if you will) on my personality.  One of the things that it says about me is that I am easygoing and likable.  And, I agree. :)

Do you want to know what your lipstick says about you? If you are just as curious as I am, click on the picture below.

Picture by: Look Linger Love via Toia on Pinterest


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