Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Almost Happy, Hoppy Easter Time!!!

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Now that St. Patrick's Day is over, there is another holiday that is approaching us in less than two weeks. You guessed it.....Easter! There are so many cute crafts, colorful food, and d├ęcor that you can make so that your Easter may be fun and special for your family, especially your children. 

What's so amazing is that you would never be without fresh and absolutlely, cute, mind-blowing ideas. With that being said, during my search for some great things to make for Easter, I will share with you different ideas as I go along. Sometimes the simplest, yet cute, ideas are the best. For example, take this cute little paper plate bunny.

Picture by: All Kids Network via Toia on Pinterest

Isn't so cute and adorable? This craft would be great for preschool aged children.  For instructions, go to


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