Friday, September 2, 2011

Craft it Up!! ~ Ankle Bracelet

I love making jewelry, among other things that has anything to do with crafting. So, I thought when I saw this anklet craft on Love To Know Crafts , this will be perfect for my next post for Craft it up. Try it and see where your creativity takes you.

Things You'll Need
•Fabric measuring tape
•Beading wire
•End cutters
•Pretty beads
•Lobster-claw clasp
•Jump ring
•Crimp beads

What to Do
1.Begin by measuring your ankle. Write down the measurement, and add about four inches. Use the end cutters to cut the beading wire to this length.
2.Put a crimp bead on the beading wire, and string the clasp on behind it. Bend the wire back around, and thread the end back through the crimp bead. Pull the end to secure it, and then use the pliers to crimp the bead.
3.Select the beads you want to use, and string them onto the wire in the order you like. You might want to try laying out your design on a bead board to see what looks best. Stop stringing beads when you have about an inch and a half of wire left.
4.Thread a crimp bead on the end, and then add a jump ring. Tuck the end of the wire back through the crimp bead, and tighten it down. Finally, crimp the bead to secure your work.
Once you've mastered the process of creating a beaded ankle bracelet, you can expand on this simple design. Try some of the following ideas:
•Add fun charms between the beads. These might be symbols of something you enjoy, letters or initials, or just pretty designs. Charms can add a little extra dangly dimension to your work.
•Include a few bells in your design. You can find small bells at any craft store, and they are perfect for an ankle bracelet. Every time you take a step, the bells will jingle.
•Use multiple strands of beads to give your anklet a layered look. This can be fun with several strands of small beads.
•Make a beaded friendship anklet by using beads and charms that represent you and your friend. Estimate the size of your friend's ankle to get the measurement you need.


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