Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fall Blogging Event Day #2 ~ Fall Pics

It's Day 2 of SITS Girls' Fall Back into Blogging Challenge!! Woo whoo!! Day 2 is about pictures of what fall means to us and/or how fall looks like in our neck of the woods. Besides spring, fall is my favorite season to take pictures. It's so beautiful this time of the year. This is where you see colors...red, orange, golden yellow, brown come together in such a extarodinary way. Below I have a few of my favorite fall pictures. I hope you like them. :)

This a slideshow I did in 2008 of some of the fall trees in my neighborhood.


Big Leaf
I found this gigantic leaf in yard a couple of years ago. I had to take a pic of it.

I came across this picture in photobucket.com. Love it!!


This is a scarecrow I made for my toddlers' class pumpkin patch. Isn't she cute??


As you can see, we've became the best of friends!! Say Cheese!! LOL!!


Here's my little princess. Every year, my church has
Hallapolooza Event, where children can dress up in their
 favorite book, cartoon type character. Here, my little lady
went as Tinkerbell. I am not sure who she will be this year.
Most likely, Barbie.  She is in the everything Barbie phase now.

Well, there you have it. Fall means to me a new beginning of something new. It also means hope. Hope that things do change for the better; And whatever difficult you may be experience at this moment, it's not to endure forever, but just for a season. Where there is a new season, there's a new day. Happy Fall....Y'all!!!

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Monicas Mom Musings said...

Love all those colors.

Anonymous said...

Love the fall trees, beautiful. My daughter wants to be Tinkerbell this year or a LaLaLoopsy doll. She hasn't decided yet.

Melissa said...

Great images. I like the way you associate fall with hope ... I had not thought about it that way but it makes perfect sense. :)

Karin said...

Your fall tree slideshow was beautiful. I love all the colors! Your daughter looks adorable and her picture reminded me that it's time to start thinking about Halloween!

Sara said...

I agree, fall is the best time to take pictures. Even an old crumbling leaf on the ground is picture worthy. I like what you did with the zooming in tree. Very pretty. Enjoy.

Diane | An Extraordinary Day said...

I love the giant leaf. I wonder....is it a Maple?
Your princess is darling. Dressing up is soo fun. Figuring out "who" to be....another story LOL!!
Happy Fall!!

Maggie S. said...

Stopping by from SITS...

Love those leaves...and what a cutie.