Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Celebrating Thanksgiving Edition #2 ~ Too Cute for Turkey

One of the things I am loving about Thanksgiving right now is the creative minds of so many people. Some people can simply come up with the darndest and cutest idea and I love it. In my previous post, I stated how I am all about the cooking. I don't exactly focus on anything else like decor or attire. But, I have to say I have came across a couple of the most adorable outfits. I just wish my children were still little babies because I would dress them up in these cutie patootie outfits. Of course, they probably would disowned me in their adult years.  LOL!!

Picture by: via Toia on Pinterest

Picture by: Melondipity via Toia on Pinterest

Picture by: via Toia on Pinterest

Did these outfits make your heart melt?  Or what?!?  Do you have a favorite?  I love all of them.  If you came across some cute and adorable Thanksgiving inspired attire, please share. 


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