Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Back to School Websites for Parents

For most parents, getting your children ready for the first day of school can be a bit stressful. I have 3 children in school. Ketirah, age 9, is in elementary; Michael, age 13, middle school; and Jonathan, age 16 (YIKES!), is in high school. (We interrupt this post to tell to please pray for Toia's sanity. She has two teenaged boys in her house.) It can be a bit overwhelming for me.

I cames across six websites that offer great tips for parents from saving money on school supplies to fashion tips. I am not affliliated with any of these websites listed below. I just think they give parents great information and tips on how to make sure your child is prepared for the new school year.  So, check them out. - 10 Back to school shopping tips to help you save money. - offers 25 tips for a better schoo year. - Ready, Set, Back-to-School - Back-to-School Tricks From Everyday Moms - 10 Back-to-School for Parents of Preschoolers - Back-to-School Information and tips

If you came across a website that has great back-to-school advice and tips for parents, please share.  So, let's take advantage of every opportunity that presents itself to make sure that our children are ready for the first day of school. :)


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